This (Dis)connected Musician

The greatest triumph of this entire (blog) journey has been recognizing the role trauma and shame has played in my ability to perform, how it manifested into dreams, goals, college degrees, and CV bullet points, all driven by my fears. Once I realized that the last thing I had to do was let go of … Continue reading This (Dis)connected Musician


Animation: From Agency To Audacity

I made an animation out of my last article for my young students. When fear guides our choices, we are not learning, but instead we are surviving. We may be going through the same motions as learning but we are not absorbing information or newfound skill in the same way. For those who struggle with … Continue reading Animation: From Agency To Audacity

TMEA Clinic: Antidotes for Performance Anxiety: Teaching Confidence

This is the text I read from for my clinic "Antidotes for Performance Anxiety: Teaching Confidence", presented for the Texas Music Educator's Association Convention in San Antonio, on Friday, February 10, 2017. Audio for the clinic may be found here:  Hello, thank you all for being here this morning. Before I begin, I would like … Continue reading TMEA Clinic: Antidotes for Performance Anxiety: Teaching Confidence