It takes a village to take on performance anxiety. I’m here to share my messy little story and to help others who are struggling to know they aren’t alone. I write and speak about the social elements that create and sustain performance anxiety in musicians, including shame, instability, and adrenaline. I also write about performance problems regarding those who have struggled with trauma, mental illness, addiction, and disability.

In addition to writing 50+ articles in this blog, I have been published by Classical Music Indy:

Antidotes for Performance Anxiety, Part One: Awareness

Antidotes for Performance Anxiety, Part Two: Strategies

Antidotes for Performance Anxiety, Part Three: Environment

Tip of the Iceberg: When Performance Anxiety Isn’t the Problem

and SmartMusic:

Antidotes for Performance Anxiety

I have been invited to speak in public schools, universities, and in conferences such as the Texas Music Educators Association Convention, The Midwest Clinic, and the Missouri Bandmasters Association Convention.